“HOSEN” Center- Rehabilitation and Therapeutic Garden Renovation



The “HOSEN” center is operating for twenty-five years and treats more than 400 patients a year. 

The center is located in Be’er Sheva and serves population of all southern Israel: man, woman, and their family members, new immigrants from the former Soviet Union and Ethiopia and the big Arab Bedouin population living in the area.

Many of the center patients also struggle with mental health problems such as PTSD, depression, anxiety and schizophrenia. 

A personal program is built individually for each patient and can include personal sessions, group therapy, day center and occupational rehabilitation programs.

Body and mind therapy together with physical activity proved to be beneficial to rehabilitation. 


Garden Renovation project – The need:

“HOSEN” center building is surrounded by a plot of land .We would like to renovate the garden’s appearance and establish seating areas. We wish to improve the center services by constructing a defined area for a communal therapeutic garden. 

The garden will be used to promote treatment goals and rehabilitation for our patients and their families.

The complimentary youth center nearby, which treats teenagers with substance misuse disorder will use this new facility as well. 

In the future, the new compound will be used for joint activities with tangent organizations and populations in the city and its surrounding.

Renovation of the garden will enable external activities with the center patients’. Outdoor activity, working in the garden and connecting with nature, have a high therapeutic value.


We strongly believe that this will be a significant aid for our patients in achieving their goals: learning more adaptive coping skills, empowerment and employment skills, a place to reconnect with themselves and with family members, of learning to trust oneself and more.

Amount requested:

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