“Sabres” Youth Center for Empowerment with Arts– Interior Renovation


“Sabres” is an alternative meeting place for all youth in Be’er Sheva, especially youth at risk. The youth center is used as a space within the framework of informal education where there is dialogue and creativity of youth.

Research shows that artistic and creative fields can have a therapeutic influence and contribute to individual development and empowerment. It`s contributes to children’s self-confidence; offers a means of expression and a support structure they would not otherwise have; and cultivates important skills and qualities like persistence and team work. 

Given the impact to date and the importance of arts education, the youth center aims to give every at-risk youth who is interested the opportunity to be a part of the Sabres.

The youth center provides an answer to adolescence and its changing needs. The youth center has adult counselors and volunteers who accompany the youth provide guidance and counseling.

The youth center exposes the youth to a variety of artistic and creative fields, there is a theater group, music, activities and special groups on various subjects.

The “Sabres” Youth Center serves as a unique entertainment venue for youth and provides a platform for young local artists.

“Sabres” connects youth from all over the city and creates an active and creative community.


The need:

The club’s infrastructure today is not in good condition, the main things urgent for renovation:

  • Equipment for the center 
  • Renovation of the club floor
  • Building acoustic rooms
  • Kitchen renovation
  • Building a stage
  • Establish communication
  • Electrical wiring


The renovation of the club is very significant and will contribute to the purpose of

  • Recruitment of new youth and preservation of existing youth. 
  • Creating a warm, pleasant and respectful place and sense of belonging to the place.
  • Exposing youth to artistic content and providing a platform for their skills.
  • Creating collaborations between youth in the arts
  • Conducting community events in the neighborhood with an emphasis on the theme of art

Amount requested:

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