“Magen” School- Equipping a Virtual Reality System for Students with Special Needs


The “Magen” School is a regional special education school where students aged 6-21 years study. Students with intellectual disabilities, cerebral palsy, communication and sensory impairments, including students with visual impairments, hearing impairments and psycho-motor disorders. Most of the students in the school assist and function through wheelchairs and do not have the ability to communicate verbally, therefor the sensory and nonverbal communication channel is our center of work.


The need:

One of the most significant tools in our work with students is with technology. One of the technology systems that encourage movement and communication is a virtual reality system adjust to students with special needs. It is a multimedia system that will be installed in the room and will create a changing reality, where participants will perform fun and healthy motor-activity, the system will enable activities throughout the body and even sitting and lying down. Through this system, students will be able to communicate, express emotion and even encourage motivation for movement and walking. There are dozens of different games and difficulty levels in the virtual reality system, which allow each student to customize his or her own set of games and learning, for example: sports games, social games, musical instruments and more.


The virtual room preparation was established and renovated and now it is needed to equip and install the virtual reality system in the room.


The infrastructure and room set up for a virtual reality system:


We would be grateful for a donation in the amount of $12,000.


Amount requested:

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