‘Kapit’ Coffee Club Renovation (Youth Center)


“Kapit” is an alternative meeting place for all youth in Be’er Sheva, especially youth at risk. The club operates every day and is located in the Old City of Beer Sheva.

“Kapit” is used as a space within the framework of informal education where there is dialogue and creativity of youth. The club provides an answer to adolescence and its changing needs. The club has adult counselors and volunteers who accompany the youth provide guidance and counseling.

The club exposes the youth to a variety of artistic and creative fields, there is a theater group, music, activities and special groups on various subjects. The “Kapit” Youth Cafe serves as a unique entertainment venue for youth and provides a platform for young local artists.

“Kapit” connects youth from all over the city and creates an active and creative community.

“HA-HAZER” (The Garden)

The “HAZER” of the “Kapit” youth club is an outdoor space (under the sky) surrounded by a fence, where events, activities, lectures and performances for youth take place throughout the year. The “HAZER” is a focal point for youth with an affinity to art and creativity. The youth in Be’er Sheva enjoy the wide variety of the place – all in the open air and in the special atmosphere of the Be’er Sheva Old City. In the summer months, the yard allows a stage for young youth bands.

The need:

 Interior renovation:

The club’s infrastructure today is not in good condition, the main things urgent for renovation:

  • Painting the walls of the club
  • Renovation of the club floor
  • Replacement of lighting and doors.

The renovation of the club is very significant and will contribute to the purpose of

  • Recruitment of new youth and preservation of existing youth
  • Creating a warm, pleasant and respectful place and sense of belonging to the place.

Garden renovation:

The “HAZER” need general renovation.  Installing new flooring in the square and setting up a stage for the performances of the youth, Painting the complex and installing lighting, Planting plants and creating places and seating areas.


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