In recent years, the city of Be’er Sheva has been providing activities adapted to religious youth. For this purpose, a religious youth club was established in Be’er Sheva. Two counselors (a boy and a girl) are active during the week, in the evenings.

Due to lack of buildings, the compound is located in an underground shelter, whose physical condition is not good.

The club also serves as an anti-missile shelter – a safe place from missiles during an attack on Israel or war.

When there is a time of security emergency, the club serves both the youth and the community as a meeting place, and also serves residents who have no shelter at home and gives them a place of security.


The need:

The existing infrastructure is old and many critical repairs must be made to make it pleasant to stay and conduct activities for the participants.

The main things urgent for renovation:


Renovation of the club will contribute greatly to the religious youth in the neighborhood

In Be’er Sheva and create a warm and pleasant place for them.