Beit Samuel Youth Club Renovation


Beit Samuel is a center for Ethiopian immigrants. The center provides assistance to the new immigrants in transit from absorption centers to the community. The Beit Samuel center provides translation assistance and guidance for new immigrants, and offers many social activities for the elderly, children and youth.

The center has a club for at-risk youth. The Beit Samuel Youth Club is a non-formal framework in which youth spend their free time during the week.

The club serves as a second home for youth aged 12-18 and completes educational activities and frameworks that are not offered elsewhere.

The club’s guide is a significant adult in the lives of the youth who come to the club. This environment supports them and over time creates clear boundaries and a suitable response for them.

The youth are completely influenced by the experiences that take place in the youth club. Their social involvement creates significant experiences and makes a decisive contribution to their development.

The daily experience and the sense of belonging create a connection to the place and the new country and gives them a feeling of protection.

The club operates in ‘Yud Alef’ neighborhood, which is characterized by a low socioeconomic status and most of the residents of the neighborhood are of Ethiopian origin.

The need:

The main things urgent for renovation:

  • Renovation of the kitchen
  • Renovation of the club floor
  • Renovation of the bathrooms.

Amount requested:

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