`The Fidel Youth Education Center’ – Interior Renovation Project


The center serves as a central meeting place for Ethiopian youth. Educational and social intervention frameworks at an early age strengthen disadvantaged families and communities, enabling children to grow, develop and enjoy the opportunities of a healthy childhood as well as embark upon the path towards a successful adulthood.  In fulfillment of this vision, the center offers enrichment and academic advancement programs for the youth, such as computer courses, learning centers, technology, sports, music arts and more. The club serves as a second home for youth and completes educational activities and frameworks that are not offered elsewhere. 

The activity at the center is adapted to the needs of the youth and provides them with employment for leisure time, which prevents the youth from wandering the streets.

The Fidel youth center is a home for the boys and girls and the staff of the center are attentive to their personal problems and, if necessary, refer them to qualified personnel for treatment.

As a result of participating in the activities, the youth report an increase in their sense of ability and their desire for success.


The need:

The existing infrastructure is old and many critical repairs must be made to make it pleasant to stay and conduct activities for the participants.


The main things urgent for renovation:

  • Painting the walls of the club and Renovation of the club floor
  • Renovation of the bathrooms.
  • Replacing doors and broken windows
  • Kitchen renovation
  • The establishment of a computer room 


For this project we would be grateful for a donation in the amount of: $25,000



Amount requested:

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