The Warm Haven For Religious Girls at Risk Renovation

Interior of the Building and Garden Renovation


The Warm Haven for Girls for the Ultra-Orthodox Community is located at 24 Rutenberg Street in the ‘Gimmel’ neighborhood of Be’er-Sheva (next to the Ronen children’s club), serving girls aged 13-16 from all over the city, who belong to the Ultra-Orthodox population of Be’er‑Sheva.

This Haven operates on a daily basis (excluding weekends), holidays and summer vacation periods and provides solutions in two projects for this population.

Today there are 37 girls in the Warm Haven.


Providing professional, therapeutic and emotional counseling and response to girls according to their needs, such as stopping the girl’s negative behaviors and returning her to her normal life course. Providing tools for spending free time in a positive way, helping with studies and providing basic needs for girls. Assisting in preventing girls’ risky behaviors such as wandering, associating with minorities, using alcohol and drugs, and undifferentiated sex, suicidal behaviors, self-harm and dropping out of school. Each Haven has a monthly and yearly work plan, and each girl has a personal therapy program that defines therapeutic goals and goals for each and every girl.

The staff of the Warm Haven is composed of a social worker, a counselor and a housemother, as well as a team of volunteers.

The Haven offers therapeutic workshops such as drama, phototherapy, dance, sports and more.

The girls are exposed to a normative lifestyle as is expected of their peers, which they who would not otherwise have known without the Warm Home.

The need:

Interior Renovation:

  • Renovation and adaptation of the kitchen.
  • Renovation of the lavatories: The house is in a building that used to be a kindergarten and requires conversion to an adult “scale” (e.g., the toilets in the bathrooms are for small children and require conversion to serve adults).
  • It is necessary to assign a room for social workers.
  • Painting the whole house and equipping it.
  • Due to the security situation and the importance of this framework for girls, we wish to expand the building and establish a safe room in the Warm Haven

Garden Renovation:

The house has a large yard with potential that is not exploited and needs to be paved, delimited, built pergola and external spaces where the girls can discharge their energies. Since there are also activities held for the girls and their mothers, it is very important to arrange and renovate the yard so that it can be used more efficiently.

There is also a need for external closure of the entire complex.

Amount requested:

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