“Round Table” Youth Club – Room Renovation

We were honored to host Jeff Springer at the dedication of an innovative learning space and computer room renovation at the “Round Table” youth center which was renovated with his support. The renovated rooms will greatly contribute to promoting the education of the youth in the neighborhood. The computer room set up will not only […]

Day Care Center in Ramot

On June 16th , we were honored to have Ms. Silvia Silvers and Mr. Daniel Silvers, they generously donated through Support Israel – Keren Hayesod UIA to the establishment of a day care center in Ramot, Be’er Sheva. There, they learned about the daily activities that are given to the children and the routine in […]

The Radak Plaza is inaugurated

Thanks to the generosity of the Jewish Federations of North America and the Be’er Sheva municipality, the newly upgraded Radak Plaza in “Yud Alef” neighborhood was recently opened to the public. Renovated and designed in partnership with local residents, the park features new playground, fitness facilities and street furniture. On July 29, 2019 the Radek […]