About Be'er-Sheva Foundation


The Be’er-Sheva Foundation is a nonprofit organization, established in 1986 with the goal of providing for the welfare as well as the educational, cultural, environmental, religious, charitable and health needs of the population living in Be’er Shave, the capital of Negev in southern Israel.

 In a city of over 210,000 residents, the Be’er-Sheva Foundation meets this challenge by implementing projects that make a difference in the lives of people coming from various ethnic, social, economic and cultural backgrounds.

Be’er-Sheva Foundation support the Be’er-Sheva community including different minorities, helping poor neighborhoods and concentrating in population with special needs.

The Be’er-Sheva Foundation works in cooperation with donors from Israel and around the world in order to raise funds for the dynamic and changing needs of Be’er-Sheva. During its years of activity, the Foundation has been working to improve the quality of life of residents in large and small projects.

Our Vision

We seek to shape the future of Be’er-Sheva by investing in and creating a thriving city.

Our Mission

Meeting the evolving needs of the City of Be’er-Sheva through the establishment of Educational, Cultural, Welfare, Community and Innovation projects.