The Warm Haven For Religious Girls at Risk Renovation

Interior of the Building and Garden Renovation Background: The Warm Haven for Girls for the Ultra-Orthodox Community is located at 24 Rutenberg Street in the ‘Gimmel’ neighborhood of Be’er-Sheva (next to the Ronen children’s club), serving girls aged 13-16 from all over the city, who belong to the Ultra-Orthodox population of Be’er‑Sheva. This Haven operates […]

Fidel Youth Center Interior Renovation

Background: The center serves as a central meeting place for Ethiopian youth. The center offers enrichment and academic advancement programs for the youth, such as computer courses, learning centers, technology, sports, music arts and more. The activity at the center is adapted to the needs of the youth and provides them with employment for leisure […]

Beit Samuel Youth Club Renovation

Background: Beit Samuel is a center for Ethiopian immigrants. The center provides assistance to the new immigrants in transit from absorption centers to the community. The Beit Samuel center provides translation assistance and guidance for new immigrants, and offers many social activities for the elderly, children and youth. The center has a club for at-risk […]

Religious Youth Club Renovation

Background: In recent years, the city of Be’er Sheva has been providing activities adapted to religious youth. For this purpose, a religious youth club was established in Be’er Sheva. Two counselors (a boy and a girl) are active during the week, in the evenings. Due to lack of buildings, the compound is located in an […]

Nirim Community Center – Music room

Background: Nirim community center, is located in ‘Dalet’ neighborhood in Be’er Sheva and used by all residents of the neighborhood. The Community Center offers activities for children and youth, adults, community activities, sports activities, activities of the Welfare Department, and more. The center was renovated about eight months ago and we are looking for a […]

‘Kapit’ Coffee Club Renovation (Youth Center)

Background: “Kapit” is an alternative meeting place for all youth in Be’er Sheva, especially youth at risk. The club operates every day and is located in the Old City of Beer Sheva. “Kapit” is used as a space within the framework of informal education where there is dialogue and creativity of youth. The club provides […]

Dekalim High School (Multi-Purpose Center Hall)

Background: Dekalim High school in Be’er Sheva is a regional school center for youth with special needs that also serves as a community center. The school provides unique support for 110 students aged 13-21 who are diagnosed with mild retardation.   Purpose: The school develops and cultivates the student’s skills for integration into the community, […]