B7 i-team

The Be’er Sheva Innovation Team, founded and funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies, is a senior consulting team that reports directly to Mayor of Be’er Sheva and works to tackle strategic city challenges in chosen areas of old vs. new neighborhood disparity, public space maintenance, fostering business opportunities and creative public space.

Its unique status as a Be’er Sheva in-house i-team, yet independent from the municipality, allows the team to act quickly, create connections between departments and organizations and recruit various partners for the achievement of common goals.

The Be’er Sheva i-team uses Bloomberg Philanthropies’ successful innovation framework for solving acute city challenges, which is based on a data-driven approach, a focus on short processes with maximum impact and innovation within existing bodies. Through the empowerment of municipal partners and rapid delivery of successful projects, the i-team looks to change the way in which innovative thinking and planning are used at all levels of municipal operations.

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