Light Run and Healthy Placemaking Projects in Yud Aleph Neighborhood

In recent decades, creating and running multidisciplinary programs aimed at promoting an active and healthy lifestyle has become increasingly popular.

Applying the Healthy Placemaking approach, our program offered sport activities to residents of the Yud Alef neighborhood to prepare for the Be’er-Sheva Light Run, and in continuation thereafter. Accordingly, walking groups and power training groups were formed and community events were produced. The activities are aimed at introducing additional aspects of sport as well as the Run itself; this stems from the understanding that everyone has their own preferences, agenda, and differing needs for a healthy lifestyle. At a later stage, people can get to know additional aspects in the other programs we operate – such as Summer of Sport, Sports in the Park and so on. The prevailing atmosphere in the city before the Night Run was an inseparable part of the event itself. It crystallized different groups from many varied communities in Be’er-Sheva and outside it, and in turn generated a regional platform for promoting healthy living.

The distinctive race – the Be’er-Sheva  Light Run  – and the Israel Sports Week were among the flagship events of the Culture and Sport Ministry. The Run had three sections: a 2.5 km popular track, and 5 km and 10 km tracks. Participants enjoyed a city-wide running event, with the tracks illuminated with “ultra” fluorescent colors and signage, live music points, fluorescent T-shirts, a range of attractions, and other items that were handed out to the runners and their cheerers-on. They participated in a vibrant joint sport-centered happening, that featured illuminated dance parties into the night, the Active Life festival to encourage an active and healthy lifestyle, various spheres of activity – part of which included introducing special populations to sports. The Light Run was a joint initiative of Be’er-Sheva City Hall and the Kivunim organization, with sponsorship from the Ministry of Culture and Sport. Taking part in the run were soldiers from the IDF’s Southern Command, together with 500 runners.

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