The Shavu Banim Center

The Shavu Banim Center is a community and spiritual center. The center provides community services to the Ethiopian community in Be’er‑Sheva, addressing the unique needs of the community on the social, educational and spiritual levels. The Be’er-Sheva Foundation helped renovate the day care centers and the community center at the Shavu Banim center. Generously donated […]

Fidel Youth Center Garden Renovation

Youth centers are an important part of the community. They provide a central meeting place for youths. They offer a safe area for youth to play together and develop. In densely populated areas, youth centers are a welcome break in the blocks of concrete and pavement. The ‘The Fidel youth center’ serves as a central meeting […]

Australian Soldier Park

The Australian Soldier Park is dedicated to the memory of the Australian Light Horse regiments that captured the town from the Ottoman Empire during World War I. The park was established in 2008 on a large area. On its eastern corner there is a memorial statue of a mounted Australian light horseman as well as documentary materiel on aluminum boards, written in three languages. […]

Negev Live: Placemaking Week

Negev Live is a week-long series of events in the Negev (Israel’s southern region) about placemaking and active citizenship. The series of events brought together leading local officials, leading philanthropists, representatives from North American Jewish communities (such as Philadelphia, Miami, Montreal and others), academic institutions, placemaking entrepreneurs, government professionals and decision makers. The goals of […]

Ilanot School

Ilanot School is a special education institution, which serves children with various mental disabilities. It is a regional school serving students from the city of Be’er-Sheva and the surrounding areas. The students in ILANOT School are defined as disabled in the following categories: cognitive, linguistic, communicative, motoric and emotional. Currently, Ilanot School serves 134 students […]

‘Lunada’ – The Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Children’s Museum

Lunada is an experiential museum, the first of its kind in Israel. Innovative, interactive and fun for the whole family, encouraging activity and learning for all ages at an international level. The museum housed in a 4,000 sq.m, 3-story facility that includes eight knowledge spaces with over 50 exhibits and installations in addition to unique […]

You Are Here: Br7, IL

‘You Are Here Br7 IL’ is a community art project implemented by the principles of ‘creative placemaking’ – an innovative approach to promote renewal of urban areas involving local citizens designing the city. Together with the local community, we wished to bring color to the space and mark the city of Be’er Sheva as a […]

Tipat Halav (Ramot)

Tipat Halav, family care center, are state-wide neighborhood based clinics that provide essential health services to pregnant women, babies and children up to the age of 6. Women come to Tipat Halav when they are pregnant and continue to use their services after giving birth. Tipat Halav specializes in pre and post-natal follow-ups, infant care, […]

Light Run and Healthy Placemaking Projects in Yud Aleph Neighborhood

In recent decades, creating and running multidisciplinary programs aimed at promoting an active and healthy lifestyle has become increasingly popular. Applying the Healthy Placemaking approach, our program offered sport activities to residents of the Yud Alef neighborhood to prepare for the Be’er-Sheva Light Run, and in continuation thereafter. Accordingly, walking groups and power training groups […]

City Park

The City Park “Be’er Sheva Beach” named after Lillian and Larry Goodman (who contributed to its establishment), opposite the municipality building, the park covers an area of ​​about eight dunams, which is an exceptional and unique water attraction in the Israeli landscape. City Park leads a long series of water shows and spectacular water jets […]