‘Lunada’ – The Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Children’s Museum

Lunada is an experiential museum, the first of its kind in Israel. Innovative, interactive and fun for the whole family, encouraging activity and learning for all ages at an international level.

The museum housed in a 4,000 sq.m, 3-story facility that includes eight knowledge spaces with over 50 exhibits and installations in addition to unique outdoor areas. Each area features a different aspect of the world we live in and allows children to experience the various layers of reality and to discover themselves and their place in personal life, family life, public and social lives, as individuals and as part of a group.

Through play in the museum’s unique areas, children are exposed to significant parts of their own world and practice important aspects of daily life such as time management, money and food, experiencing situations of interpersonal communication, meeting the world of culture and art, the solar system and unique features of planet Earth.

Generously donated by the Mandel Foundation. 

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