Ecological Gardens in Schools

As part of the importance of connecting students to the environment and nature, schools began to establish ecological gardens.

As part of the program, the students learned the advantages of the ecological garden: The Ecological Garden Provides: connection between the student and his environment, venue for inter-disciplinary teaching, increased awareness of the need to preserve and improve the environment,  enhanced awareness of nutrition and healthy life style, opportunity to study and research the processes occurring in nature, a basis for further formulation of questions, cooperation and team work, an understanding of the nature cycle (collection of rainfall and composting) and more.

Caring for a garden helps students learn the benefits of hard work and the importance of a steadfast investment in a project. Students who plant and tend a garden will inevitably learn that he who sows seeds will ultimately reap its fruits. The Be’er-Sheva Foundation supported the establishment of ecological gardens in several schools throughout the city.

Generously donated by Adama Makhteshim.

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