Ilanot School

Ilanot School is a special education institution, which serves children with various mental disabilities. It is a regional school serving students from the city of Be’er-Sheva and the surrounding areas. The students in ILANOT School are defined as disabled in the following categories: cognitive, linguistic, communicative, motoric and emotional. Currently, Ilanot School serves 134 students […]

The Farm for Agricultural Education

The farm is a school that is an educational teaching center and includes a defined agricultural area. The school is attended by schoolchildren from the area, brought in from area schools on organized transportation, in order to study agricultural sciences and environmental studies. The farms enable a holistic green environment in which students grow vegetables, […]

Startup to Success

Many of Israel’s Ethiopian immigrants have not yet fully integrated into Israeli society. It is evident among young people of the Ethiopian community that it’s difficult for them to integrate into the world of higher education and employment. Out of approximately 220,000 students pursuing bachelor degrees at Israeli institutions of higher learning, only about 2,000 […]

Promotion of 5 Units Mathematics

Be’er-Sheva aims to increase both the number of 5-Unit mathematics graduates and 5-unit teachers in the city by creating professional communities and working with principals across the city. The project seeks to cultivate effective teaching that caters to the needs, abilities and individual learning progress of students. It is driven by the desire to ensure […]

Ecological Gardens in Schools

As part of the importance of connecting students to the environment and nature, schools began to establish ecological gardens. As part of the program, the students learned the advantages of the ecological garden: The Ecological Garden Provides: connection between the student and his environment, venue for inter-disciplinary teaching, increased awareness of the need to preserve […]