Startup to Success

Many of Israel’s Ethiopian immigrants have not yet fully integrated into Israeli society. It is evident among young people of the Ethiopian community that it’s difficult for them to integrate into the world of higher education and employment.

Out of approximately 220,000 students pursuing bachelor degrees at Israeli institutions of higher learning, only about 2,000 come from the Ethiopian community, with 20% of them not having completed their first year.

The goal of “Startup to Success” is to increase the number of Ethiopian-Israeli students enrolled in academia and ensure the successful completion of an academic degree. This endeavor is founded on the philosophy that academic studies leverage prospects for worthy integration into society and finding suitable employment.

The program provides a system of support adapted to the needs of students, including: personal counseling in selecting an area of studies, personal accompaniment by the program’s coordinator throughout the term of studies, economic assistance, supplementary lesson empowerment workshops and more.

In exchange for this support, each student in the program commits to approximately 60 hours of volunteering in the community.

“Startup to Success” is the only program of its kind and of its scope in the Negev, as well as across Israel.

The program’s alumni serve as role models for thousands of children and teens in the Ethiopian community, thus offering a possibility for breaking out of the cycle of poverty and difficulty in integrating into Israeli society.

Generously donated by Bank Leumi, Gross Foundation, Kasierer Foundation and Arkin Holdings Inc.

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